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Doors of Prague

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Art & Poetry has changed the walk-through viewing times - please note the new times June/July 2021

Art & Poetry

Loved being involved in the Art & Poetry section of the City of Gosnells Art Awards Exhibition in May 2021. 

There will be a smaller selection of art and poetry in the Whitely Fishbowl Room at the Agonis (Albany Highway, Gosnells WA) 

I'll be there on Monday 28th June / Tuesday 29th June

Monday 5th July / Tuesday 6th July

 9.30am - midday.

Sioban Timmer will be there Friday 2nd July

Come say hi

Art & Poetry - City of Gosnells Art Awards 2021

Art by Margaret Frances - Regeneration

with permission from Margaret.

Futile Reflection - poem by Barbara Gurney

Futile Reflection

Barbara Gurney

Fire spreads without care

Refusing to surrender the torture

Advancing, hesitating, advancing

– dancing through landscapes

Tormenting with its own beauty

Clashing the brilliance of flames to the

darkness of destruction

We can but stand

Without colour

Bland and ineffective

Bringing contrast like a futile reflection