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Brushstrokes of the Mind

Brushstrokes of the mind brings together a collection of poems that spread the colour of nature and the psyche with light and shade; colour and monotone; form and abstract -- like an artist's brush

After a successful lesson in abstract painting, Barb's art became the cover for her fourth poetry collection 

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The House on Redhill Corner

Asha-Lee has been blessed with “The Gift” but refuses to acknowledge it.

Growing up in a house with chanting and incense burning, and her mother, Lalita, declaring everyone needs to ‘cleanse their spirit’, Asha-lee turned from being a girl wanting to appease her mother to Asha, a young woman wanting just to be ‘normal’.

Asha rents a flat in an old house on Redhill Corner and instantly falls for its once-elegant charm, determined to make it her home. She finds an old carboard box in her flat containing paraphernalia from years gone by and feels compelled to learn more about their vague connection to the old house, something she hopes the caretaker, Mr Cantronelli, can help uncover.

When Asha meets a young woman and her baby at a nearby bus stop, she learns Jocelyn and her husband, Oscar, have recently moved to the area and are struggling to make ends meet. And despite resistance to her psychic abilities, Asha is drawn into a mysterious love story centred around the place she now calls home.

What extraordinary secrets will this house reveal to Asha, if only she’d let it?

By learning to embrace her gift, can Asha figure out what happened to the young family in the house on Redhill corner and in doing so, finally accept who she really is?

Doors of Prague

Ah, Prague ...The home of Cha​rles Bridge, colourful baroque buildings, and, fascinating doors.

So who goes to Prague to hide away?

Gillian does.

Intent on surviving her grief, in her own way, Gillian ignores the beauty and history of Prague, wallowing in her sadness.

On her daily wanderings, Gillian photographs dozens of doors: elaborate doors, ugly doors, old doors, broken doors.

People come from behind some of these doors and, over time, befriend her.

The adage of one door closing and another door opening becomes significant to Gillian as her new friends help her to find a way forward.

The sadness is balanced with love in many forms, a little humour, and a touch of romance.

Most of all, Doors of Prague is about hope and healing and starting over. 


Books are available on the usual internet sites - just type in the title and my name and choose your pick!

 or go to the appropriate publisher's website. All are available in hard copy by contacting me.

Books also available via




Australia's Hanging Rock, casts its spell on a new generation in this powerful story of mystery and endurance. Timeframes collide and bring together Miranda, Marion, and Irma's great, great grandson, Michael, with fantasy, romance and intrigue.

Four copies remain

Available as e-book/kindle


NOVELLA:  THE PROMISE.                                            Published by: Austin Macauley of London

After great-aunt Eleanor reveals stories of herself and her three friends, Carrie feels compelled to learn if they kept their youthful promise. The twists and turns in their lives reflect the ever-changing phenomena of friendship. $A15 plus postage

NOVELLA: DUSTY HEART.                                                            Published by Daisy Lane Publishing

Belinda should be satisfied - a stable relationship, financial security and a stunning home, but she wants to do more than dust shelves and rearrange flowers.

After an unexpected opportunity to help out in a shop in a small country town for a week, she returns home with renewed confidence and the realisation that change is a choice.

$A15 plus postage


Published by Serenity Press

Imogene's father taught her the world can be changed one person at a time, and she should be vigilant in being part of the adventure. Imogene believes people come into each other's lives for a reason. In a series of stories, while gathering new friends, she reveals herself a little at a time.

$A20 plus postage

POETRY:  Amid the reflective nature of many poems in Seeking Self there is an expectant joy and delight of an ordinary day. In this third poetry collection, the search for oneself is dominant: seeking memories in "When Leaves Fall", hope in "And the Pipers Play ..." and the strength within ourselves in "Declaration of Soul".

Published by:

Ginninderra Press

$A15 plus postage


POETRY: Life's Shadows continues the melancholy journey begun in Footprints of a Stranger.

Barb's poetry expresses others' hurt with a caring voice and a message of hop

Grieve with "The Ticket Home"

overcome fear with "Conquering",

and finally "Sing Loudly".

Published by:

Ginninderra Press

$A15 plus postage

POETRY:   Footprints of a Stranger is a collection of emotions. Nature compels us to take heed - "stand up, bring the world your courage'.

Contemplations express the shadows lurking within us all - "my dark forbidden place'.

Joy comes from family, friends and life itself - "A glance a smile, pass it on to me".

Published by:

Ginninderra Press

$A15 plus postage

NOVELETTE:  Nell is caught between now and the days when she waited for her fiance Stan to return from war. Her daughter, Fiona, watches helplessly as Nell confuses past and present.

this heartfelt story asks whether love can keep someone grounded when their grip on life is slipping away.

Published by Serenity Press

$A8 plus postage

AWARDS for short stories featured in the three collections:

Wide Brown Land - First Prize -  

Purple - First Prize  

Honest People  - Certificate of Honourable Mention

To Fill the Heart -  Highly Commended

By Darkened Shore - shortlisted  

Autumn Pain - shortlisted

A Farthing Will Do - Commendation

Counting of the Stones,- Commendation.

Jake’s New Friend  (for children) - shortlisted 

Shadows of Remembered Dancing -  Highly Recommended 

Barb's short story collections publishes her work from 2009 to 2019. 

There is something for everyone in these storytelling exploration of emotions. 

Purple and Other Hues published by Ginninderra Press

$15 plus postage - 77 pages

BLUE & GREEN short story collections published by 

Black Jack Books   - 163 pages.

$25 plus postage               

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