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Photo: 1967 State Ladies Snare Drum Champion

Also: defeated Bon Scott (later AC/DC front man) in the Under 17 Snare Drum Championship.

Barbara Hannah

1967 Midland Oval

Changed to piping in 1973

Played in: Perth Ladies Highland Pipe Band 1973-1984

Coastal Scottish Pipe Band 1984-2011

Photo: Wearing family tartan


Barbara Gurney

1992 : Wearing family tartan "Hannah"

Piping the last train out of Perth on the closure of the Fremantle line. 

Reopened in 1983

Barbara Gurney

 September 1978

January 1989

Piping in the celebratory cake for Somerset Aussi.

Barb held the State title for 40-45 age group (women) for 50 metre breaststroke for a brief moment in time.

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